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We are a professional event management company based in Puri, Odisha. As one of the top event management service in Puri we offer Event Planning, wedding planning, corporate events, sports events, marketing events, conferences, exhibitions, consumer shows, product launch. We can assist companies to organise conferences, Seminar, Dealer Meets, Sales Meet, Product Launch, Exhibitions, Brand Promotions, Consumer Activations, Annual Award Functions, Annual Get-Togethers, Annual Days, Founder Day, Theme Parties, Corporate Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, DJ Parties, Gazhal Nights, Family Day-outs, Live Shows, Rock Shows, Live Performances, Movie Screenings, Road Shows, Mall Promotions, BTL Activities, Outdoor Advertising, Mobile Hoarding Display Vans, Hydraulic Mobile Van Providers, Advertising Vans, Exhibition Octonorm Stalls, Prefabricated Exhibition Stalls, Manpower, Emcees, Hostess Provider, Promoters.


How awesome it is?


How awesome it is?


Dinner and theater + Holiday parties + Private parties + music festivals


batchlor party + Engagement Party + wedding + reception

Stage Shows!

Performances on stage, be it music show, comedy show, dance show, or product launches requires distinct ambiance, detailed attention, discipline and above all a certain taste to execute it successfully and flawlessly.

As one of the best stage shows event management companies in Odisha, we handle all of the above in a way that leaves you as well as your guests delighted. We incorporate the skills of some of the most recognized artists, entertainers, producers, and designers, along with making the best arrangements to deliver you the most spectacular stage shows. 

We set a benchmark in the event management industry by delivering out of the box solutions within our clients’ budget. Our team of creative and experienced event creators gives emphasis on innovative concepts and work hand in hand to deliver an experience that makes our clients come back to us next time without any hesitation.

Theme Parties!

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Wondering what is nightSout? nightSout is a NEW and the easiest way to go out in style. Fancy themed night? What about bargain drinks? Free VIP? 1p entrance? Get on the guest list for any club just by clicking one button. Every answer you were looking for is now on your smartphone. See pictures, rate clubs, leave comments, find on the map and much more are waiting for you! Now available on IPhone, Android and Blackberry.


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I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners who want to bring meaning and impact to their community through events. 
Through my professional services, rock steady support and free resources, I’m here to help you step into your spotlight and shine.


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Like our work? Inbox Us! We like that


Like our work? Inbox Us! We like that


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